Heron Oblivion

AdHoc Presents

Heron Oblivion

Sunwatchers, Headroom

December 9th

8:00 pm

Baby's All Right


This event is 21 and over

Heron Oblivion
Heron Oblivion
"Hard to pin down, harder to hold onto
Bent circuit board snake charmers unfurl across hexagonal grids.
A seemingly familiar sound but then you realize you have your ear pressed against a reflection
Sunwatchers are a distorted prism to so many past greats
Reminiscent of Ethiopiques, John Handy Band, Terry Riley, Art Ensemble meets Laddio Bolocko
Forever swirling saxophone blended belly to belly with elastic guitar and tin foil thin phin (a thai instrument not unlike an electrified tenor guitar or sitar)
A whirlpool of repetitious interpretations
Militaristic marches ascend into meditations
These songs map out great pyramids and deep buried labyrinths
They are massive
They are leviathans
Dream machinery
Just plain far out
Look for traces of this one in your brain jelly afterwards

cheers" - John Dwyer
The Headroom project name consisting of Patrik Skoog, Aon FluX and Henrik Larsson started off in southern Sweden sometime in 1997. Prior to that each member had a history of producing music, as early fans of Electronica and Industrial music from artists such as cEvin Key and Front 242, they started to make Electro music with Ataris and Synthezisers. This genre has been reflected in their music production over the years and has slowly evolved into the current sound which is rather more influenced by the likes of early Detroit pioneers and modern Techno.
In 1998 Headroom signed their first record deal to release a twelve-inch on well established Stockholm techno label Loop Records. That debut was followed up by a single on the at the time all-fresh Evil Deception label, hosted by the Cosmic One record store in Malmö. More releases have followed on this hard-hitting hometown label under different project names.
Furthermore after domestic work, releases came on respected European labels such as Shokoy Records, Holzplatten, Parasound, Planet Rhythm and Compound. After playing in the USA, Europe and the UK Headroom have proved to the world their skills behind turntables as well and either work tag-team, spinning 6 decks, or as solo-DJs.
As of the first year of the new Millennium, Headroom have made their debut on the classic label Synewave, as well as releases coming from the other side of the Atlantic through labels like Blueline and Contaminated.
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Baby's All Right
146 Broadway
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