Flesh World Put Together a Playlist Full of Songs by Strange Women

Flesh World Put Together a Playlist Full of Songs by Strange Women Photography by Roxanne Clifford

Flesh World purvey a muscly sort of post-punk, spurred into gear by Scott Moor's high-octane, high-feedback guitar and Jess Scott's spat-out vocals. But the musculature that Flesh World flexes is not one of aggressive machismo, but rather one of corporeal connections fostered, a press release for the band has said, in the nurturting spaces of "the punk show, the gay world, and the rest of the environments Flesh World insulate themselves in for survival."  They're a band threaded together by this bodily interaction—Flesh World's Jess Scott and Scott Moore met while "loitering around [San Francisco's] Panhandle district"—as well as a physical sound.

Flesh World's Jess gathered up some of their disparate influences into a playlist for AdHoc. Check out the lead single for their upcoming full-length Into the Shroud, out September 8 via Dark Entries, below, and catch Flesh World perform September 23 at Silent Barn with Home Blitz.

Jess Scott: The theme of this is strange girls from around the globe—artists active from 1956 to present, from Tokyo to Berlin to Australia to Montreal to Los Angeles, from women from prison camps to women in my living room. These are sounds from strange girls with strange histories, making everything from early French goth to italo to contemporary house to avant-garde compositions in strange places.

1. Essaie Pas - "Lights Out"

This is another project by Marie Davidson, whose name equates to bangers. I especially love this EP of remixes.

2. Microfilm - "Centerfold"

I've been obsessed with this free-spirit, wild-child vocal style for years and years, and somewhere in the middle of that love affair figured out it was the one and only Lisa Gerard from Dead Can Dance, a true strange girl. This single is only $145, for anyone looking to get on my good side. Have you seen that Australian film Walkabout? I think this could play through the entire thing on repeat and fit perfectly.

3. Anna Domino - "Land of My Dreams"

This is my probably my favorite track from the peak-freak jazzy weirdo Anna Domino, an American born in Japan better known in Europe. I have ridden my bike to this on repeat for over an hour many times. I think it's a cover, but no matter—I don't even want to know for sure.

4. Phew - "New World"

My friend told me about Phew after her latest comeback record, which I think is a CD-R. She used to bop with DAF, Can, Jah Wobble, Ryuichi Sakamoto, etc. back in day. When you listen to this, think about someone this brilliant going 15+ years without a release. What is that morning, noon, and night like: is this playing in her mind while buying a train ticket underground in Tokyo?

5. Jeff & Jane Hudson - "Small World"

I discovered this hit package on our friend Josh's label Dark Entries, which was and is a complete endless treasure trove of reasons to live.

6. Thérèse Racket - "Le bout du monde"

I like to get into really deep YouTube holes of international post-punk, and love even more not knowing what people are singing about. Spoiler: the title means "the end of the world." I think she is French and did other bands too. There are more hits as good as this on the Tube.

7. Strawberry Switchblade - "Secrets"

I played recently with Rose McDowall in Tokyo, and it was really great hearing about how Primal Scream and the Mary Chain were HER groupies, which is 100% true. Will the lad powers that be writing punk history ever get that right? She also owned two monkeys. Buy me two martinis and I'll tell you how they died. (I think this is what "Secrets" is about?)

8. Patience - "The Church"

This is a brand new project by the frontwoman from London's Veronica Falls, the most talented wonder the world has ever known. I think each single has sold out within 48 hours, which means we need an LP ASAP. For maximum strange-girl, see the B-sides too.

9. Ludus - "How High Does the Sky Go?"

I was supposed to interview the singer, Linder once, but just got some funny email exchanges about living with Nico. I think she was the actual first punk to remove her tampon and throw it on the lads at the Hacienda in Manchester in the '70s.

10. Else Marie Pade - "Stratus"

If I saw a light in the sky and heard music in my head while being imprisoned in a Nazi camp for my work with the French Liberation, I would probably make music like this too. Else is a strange angel. I like to think about the ten years that passed between those events and all the weird gear she acquired playing experimental music for 100 years too.

11. Marie Davidson - "Excès de Vitesse"

Another track by the same singer in the first track on this playlist, except this one is in French. There are also others where it's like someone reading texts aloud to bedroom thumps.

12. The Black Madonna - "A Jealous Heart Never Rests"

A nasty number to round up the mix! 

Full Playlist: 

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