AdHoc is a Brooklyn-based concert promoter and publication built by a community of music lovers with a shared ethos: that of building the world you want to see using the materials at your disposal. We produce hundreds of events annually while documenting the changing shape of underground music through our website and print zine.

Founder, Events Director

Ric Leichtung

Talent Buyers

Kate VanVorst: Kings & Neptunes – Raleigh, NC
Michael Perros: All Rooms – New York, NY

Marketing Manager
Morgan Schaffner

Booking Coordinator
Caroline Vance: All Rooms – New York, NY

Marketing Coordinator
Drew Martin: Kings & Neptunes – Raleigh, NC
Lindsay Plesent: All Rooms – New York, NY

Founder, Editorial Director
Emilie Friedlander

Drew Millard

Caroline Vance

General Editorial: Editorial@adhoc.fm

General Events: Events@adhoc.fm

Jobs: Careers@adhoc.fm

Partnerships: Partnerships@adhoc.fm